...Bringing Characters to Life!

Here's Suzanne's current video demo with a plethora of characters from Netflix Daredevil, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Orange is the New Black and several others!  Enjoy!!

View Scene [HERE

See Suzanne as Annette Bongiorno in ABC's MADOFF with Richard Dreyfuss and Michael Rispoli.

View Scene [HERE

See Suzanne as High School Teacher/Chaperone Mrs. Fleiss

(who doesn't do a good job of chaperoning!!) in:

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit  episode - "Friending Emily"!

View Scene [HERE] 

See Suzanne as Attorney Serena Harper in:

Law & Order: Criminal Intent  episode - "Cadaver"!

View Scene [HERE

See Suzanne as Brenda, an annoying First Class passenger, in the teaser scene of:

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit   episode - "Flight"!

View Teaser Scene  [HERE]

How 'bout a fun, little comedic monologue?  

Have a Chuckle [HERE] 

Perhaps a monologue that's a bit more serious?  

Shed a Tear [HERE] 

Meet Suzanne!

You've seen some acting, now meet the person!  

Here's a short, 4-minute interview!

Catch the Interview [HERE] 

Four minutes too long?  Check out the 1:34 version!  :o)

Catch the Cliff Notes Version  [HERE] 

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