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[WALLY] Female, early 40's. Caucasian. Karen's best girlfriend is gentile, not fit, single, once good looking now doesn't give a shit, uncensored and hilarious, brutally honest, a novelist and a cynic with no sentimentality who hides her vulnerability, loyalty and heart with her wicked huymor. She loves to provoke laughter but is also a quiet and keen observer... SERIES REGULAR


[ISABEL] mid-30's, confident, brash and "plump and proud of it" with a "Jesuit Mind", she is Ryan's lawyer who seems to be one step ahead of the lawyers at Lockhart/Gardner. However, her star witnesses are too intimidated by Hugo Chavez to come foward with their testimony about human rights violations...GUEST STAR.


[MOTHER] mid 40's. She is the mother of Chris, Candace -- but she's chiefly worried about her shy wallflower of a son, Charlie. On the surface, people might mistake Leigh as a typical housewife and mother. A nice woman with good heart, a nervous energy, and a 142 I.Q. consumed with diets and coupons. What they don't see is a strong woman who survived a terrible childhood with her sister -- Charlie's Aunt Helen. Charlie's mother is a celebration of the Midwestern matriarch... LEAD.

Judge Hockett

[JUDGE HOCKETT] 45 to 55. SMART. GROUNDED. FUNNY. Hockett is presiding judge in the Las Vegas Night Court, and she's seen it all; she's developed her own way of handling cases -- with humor. Aware that every night will bring a different freak show before her, Hockett is expert at both questioning perps who are ignorant of the law and pushing young attorneys to think fast on their feet. Funny, cynical, and compassionate, Hockett knows Eliza well and quickly gets a clear look at Will's legal skill set... SERIES REGULAR


[LISA] Caucasian, Female, late 30's. An unself-conscious beauty. She and Erin were Fordham Law classmates, old friends once rivals. Erin thinks Lisa has the perfect life (wealth, great husband and kids, prestigious pro-bono work). Lisa's deflection is self wittily self-deprecating (she's from a lower middle class background). GUEST STAR

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